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Build your own Raku kiln


- Friday 13/03/2020 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  FULL!

- Friday 20/03/2020 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. FULL!

Build your own Raku kiln!

You can come with some tools and build your own kiln which you can take home in the evening.
Building the kiln will take place in the mornings and you will be able to fire raku, after an explanation of the firing process, in the afternoon.
A handy partner can come along free of charge!

You can choose from a few sizes of gas ovens, all insulated with superwool insulation blankets.
Everything will be explained before we start, hereafter you can make a choice.
All material, like barrels etc, are present.

We charge € 445 (VAT included) for this day, which includes a large “large drum” kiln with kiln shelf, props and burner set.
You will then be able to fire a work of max. 40 cm in diameter and 40 cm in height.

We require a deposit of € 25,-- The remaining amount you can pay us during the workshop. Upon cancellation, the deposit is considered cost for reservation.

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From our shop

Laser temperature meter up to 850 degrees Celcius

Laser temperature meter up to 850 degrees Celcius

Do you want to get a better grip on crackle formation when firing raku? Then this laser temperature meter is an ideal tool. 

You get a workpiece from the hot kiln. You measure the temperature with the laser meter and wait until the temperature has dropped to a certain value.
Now you place it in the sawdust and you are assured of crackles on the end result.

Also ideal with, for example, smoking techniques, such as burning in horse hair, etc.

A temperature schedule is provided with this article, with indications, at which temperatures crackle, burn-in possibilities, etc.