Sealant 1 litre

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Sealant 1 litre We use sealant in two ways: 1.1. To make work waterproof. When the vase is glazed from the inside: treat it 1 time. When the vase is not glazed: treat it two times. Put the liquid in and immediately pour it out, then let it dry in chamber temperature for a few days and then treat it once again. 1.2. To apply polish to a work, for instance with pit-fire or primitively fired work. Apply a minute amount of sealant on a clean sponge, brush past your work and you will have polished it. Dilute the sealant with water, half water and half sealant for a more satin-like effect Attention: 1.1. Sealant is non-toxic, but may not be used in items that will hold food. The layer will come off when the work is washed with water hotter than 60 degrees. 2.2. Immediately wash your hands with water when you get sealant on your hands, for if you don’t you will get a plastic coat on your skin that is hard to remove. 3.3. Preserve the sealant in a place that is free of frost. Even after use the possibility remains that a plastic layer will come loose when left outside in the frost.