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DVD 1 Rakuvaria

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In 1,5 hour of footage multiple subjects are presented that also feature in our book  "Rakuvaria 2".

These subjects are presented in a “no bla … bla, but AHA!” style.  

By means of a menu you can set the DVD-language to: English, Spanish, German, French or Dutch.

Some subjects that are featured in this film:

  • How to build a Raku-oven
  • Analyses of the entire Raku-process, from the glaze production up to the end result
  • Directly stoking in and open fire and the decoration of your work
  • Decorating with a water beam, preventing smoke from being a nuisance, how to influence
    the final colour of the glaze, etc. etc.
  • We also show new techniques without being secretive. Among these techniques are the 
    crocodile skin technique by Swiss Stefan Jakob and a special decoration technique used 
    by female Ghanaian potters

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