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Festival Rakuvaria-Live 2019 information

Festival information "Rakuvaria-LIVE XL" 2019

The festival takes place on Pentecost, Sunday june 9th and Monday june 10th 2019, from 11:00 am  to 5:00 pm.

The special feature of this ceramics festival is that all participants not only demonstrate the results of their technique, but also without secrets demonstrate how they achieve those results.

“Woodstook” evening: Sunday june 9th, starting at 21.00 (free entrance)

Various kilns and fires will be burning. Along with live music and a drink, we hope to create a real "woodstook" atmosphere.


Entrance for 1 adult, for 1 day: € 10,-
Children up to 12: free entrance


There are various mini-workshops during the festival.
More information follows.


You also have the opportunity to camp on the temporary camping site, located right next to the festival grounds. (see festival campsite)


You can, after prior notification, on Sunday evening utilize dinner and on Monday morning breakfast. (see festival dinner and breakfast)




The festival takes place in and around the "Rakuvaria" building,

Ulfterhoek 25B

5975 RG Sevenum

Sevenum located 15 km west of Venlo.

Free parking. 

Any questions?  ed@knopsclay.nl






From our shop

Microwave kiln, small

Microwave kiln, small

Microwave kiln, small.

Raku Firing in a microwave oven!

The useful space in the kiln is Ø 7 cm and 4 cm high.

Since the ovens are commonly used in glass fusing, we've added something to the article, i.e. an extra sturdy base made of insulating brick.

The ovens are ideal for small jewelry making and for example to make glaze-samples: www.microwave-hotpot.com

New kiln shelve 250x250x9mm

New kiln shelve 250x250x9mm

New kiln shelve 250x250x9mm
Sphinx Mulcorit max 1200 °C