Festival Tips

Festival tips

"Rakuvaria-Live XL" is a one of a kind festival, because:

  • You can see all participants working withtheir technique. There will be dozens of different kilns burning.
  • As a visitor you even can follow brief workshops during the festival. Sign up in advance is necessary!
  • During the festival, visitors can eat dinner and breakfast with all participants and they can stay over night on our temporary campsite.

- We are easily accessible by train! Get off at Station Horst / Sevenum to railroad Eindhoven-Venlo, a 700 meters walk and you're at the festival!
- Many reasons to make a multi-day stay
- Just 1 km away is a big Jumbo supermarket that’s open every day, handy for camp guests!

Your partner has less interest in ceramics? Some tips:

  • From our temporary campsite you walk along a meandering creek in a very beautiful nature area " ’t Ham."
    In this picture you see across the creek, the meadow, where the temporary camp site will be.
    Sometimes you can see here the king fisher....and the beavers are very active! 


  • On 1 km distance there is a beautiful hilly mountain bike trail in a forest called "Reulsberg"


  • On 300 meters distance.... From station Horst/Sevenum starts a fast bicycle path, which covers a distance of over 20 kilometres to station Venlo.
    More information about this unique cycle path: www.greenportbikeway.nl
  • Sevenum is a great walking municipality! In 2010 Sevenum was with a hiking network of 400 kilometres, declared the most beautiful hiking area of the Netherlands.
    More info: www.knopenlopen.nl 

Surroundings tips:

  • Big supermarket: 1 km
  • Center of Sevenum: 2 km / Center of Horst: 4 km / Venlo: 12 km / Venray: 15 km / Eindhoven: 50 km / Nijmegen: 50 km / Düsseldorf: 75 km / Maastricht: 90 km / Maaseik: 55 km /
  • Train station Horst/Sevenum on 500 meters distance ( in 1 hour en 58 minutes to Amsterdam Central )
  • Kantmuseum / Lace museum Horst: 4 km
  • Theme park Toverland Sevenum: 6 km
  • Museum “De Locht” Melderslo: 7 km
  • Ceramic Centre Tiendschuur Tegelen: 20 km
  • Botanic garden Jochumhof Steyl/Tegelen: 17 km
  • Missie museum / Mission museum Steyl/Tegelen: 17 km
  • Thermaalbad Arcen /  Thermal bath Arcen: 25 km
  • Limburgs Museum Venlo: 13 km
  • Klokkenmuseum  / Clock museum Asten: 32 km

Nature areas:

  • ’t Ham Horst: 2 km
  • Mariapeel Sevenum: 11 km
  • Groote Peel Meijel: 30 km

Websites with information:




From our shop

Laser temperature meter up to 850 degrees Celcius

Laser temperature meter up to 850 degrees Celcius

Do you want to get a better grip on crackle formation when firing raku? Then this laser temperature meter is an ideal tool. 

You get a workpiece from the hot kiln. You measure the temperature with the laser meter and wait until the temperature has dropped to a certain value.
Now you place it in the sawdust and you are assured of crackles on the end result.

Also ideal with, for example, smoking techniques, such as burning in horse hair, etc.

A temperature schedule is provided with this article, with indications, at which temperatures crackle, burn-in possibilities, etc.

Microwave kiln, small

Microwave kiln, small

Microwave kiln, small.

Raku Firing in a microwave oven!

The useful space in the kiln is Ø 7 cm and 4 cm high.

Since the ovens are commonly used in glass fusing, we've added something to the article, i.e. an extra sturdy base made of insulating brick.

The ovens are ideal for small jewelry making and for example to make glaze-samples: www.microwave-hotpot.com

New kiln shelve 250x250x9mm

New kiln shelve 250x250x9mm

New kiln shelve 250x250x9mm
Sphinx Mulcorit max 1200 °C