The festival takes place at Pentecost, Sunday 9 June and Monday 10 June 2019, from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm. 

The special thing about this ceramics festival is that the dozens of participants not only show the results of their technique, but also demonstrate how they come to those results without secrets. 

- Demonstrations 
- Workshops during the festival 
- Equipment sales (see www.rakuvaria.com/webshop) 
- Live music 
- Catering 
- Camping

Hope to see you at Pentecost!


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Rakuvaria 2, Dutch

Rakuvaria 2, Dutch

Rakuvaria 2, Dutch.

A publication by Ine and Ed Knops

The most complete and concrete Rakubook.

Over 300 pages, 34 chapters, step-by-step descriptions clarified by use of 470 pictures in colour of e.g.:
- Raku
- Naked-raku
- Copper matt
- Terra sigillata
- Sagger firing
- Smoking-techniques
- Stoking Raku in a microwave
- Sawdust oven
- Pit-fire
- Aluminium foil technique
- Charcoal oven
- Glaze recipes
- Raku oven building
- Stoking Raku without smoke nuisance
- Etc.

A complete full-colour hardcover book printed on firm paper.

Price € 57,-

Shipping costs of + € 5 are charged for shipment within EU countries.               

First published in March 2003

Rakuvaria 2 has also been published in French, German and Dutch.

This book can be directly ordered on this website.

Rakuvaria 3 (Dutch)

Rakuvaria 3 (Dutch)

Rakuvaria 3! (Dutch) Attention! Rakuvaria 2 is the basis, Rakuvaria 3 describes new techniques! In Rakuvaria 3 many unusual techniques and experiments are again explained step by step. In 13 chapters are described various smoking techniques with the help of, for example, milk, flour and plant extracts, crocodile glaze and many variations thereof, 70 new glaze recipes, ways to save on energy during raku firings and various unusual firing techniques. It is also to be noted that most subjects are explained using homemade YouTube movies. 2014, format 17 cm x 24.5 cm, hard cover, 192 pages, 9 graphs and 384 colour photographs. Shipping costs + €5 are charged for shipment within EU countries. Rakuvaria 2 = no blah blah, but AHA! Rakuvaria 3 = much more AHA!!!