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New booklet: Extreme firing techniques

A new booklet!

"extreme firing techniques"

For a year we experimented with the "rakuvaria extrem" clay.

In this booklet you will find 80 pages of inspiration for working with special firing techniques:

  • Raku firing in the raku kiln without biscuit firing first
  • Yes, even raku firing, also with glaze, in a open fire, so without a raku kiln is possible!
  • Freshly made work firing within 3 hours in a oven, open fire, fireplace, etc.
  • Even freshly made work will be fired within 1 hour in a microwave at 1000 degrees celcius etc. etc.
  • The information in this booklet gives great new possibilities for working with groups, children, schools, therapists and of course for everyone who loves adventure and like to experiment and do not want of can not wait a week
  • In this booklet also tips for wich other types of clay this way of working also can be applied

Price including 6% VAT €17.50

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  • A5 format

  • March 2018

  • 80 pages

  • hardcover

  • 4 languages: Dutch-German-French-English

  • price incl. 6% VAT €17,50



From our shop

Laser temperature meter up to 850 degrees Celcius

Laser temperature meter up to 850 degrees Celcius

Do you want to get a better grip on crackle formation when firing raku? Then this laser temperature meter is an ideal tool. 

You get a workpiece from the hot kiln. You measure the temperature with the laser meter and wait until the temperature has dropped to a certain value.
Now you place it in the sawdust and you are assured of crackles on the end result.

Also ideal with, for example, smoking techniques, such as burning in horse hair, etc.

A temperature schedule is provided with this article, with indications, at which temperatures crackle, burn-in possibilities, etc.