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Crocodile skin glaze, powder, 1kg

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Crocodile skin glaze, powder, 1kg 1 bag = 1 kilogram 950°C - 1000°C. This technique is explained on our DVD1 Rakuvaria. This technique is explained by Stefan Jakob (Zürich) on DVD1 Rakuvaria. This technique in short: Glaze is made quite thick, like pancake pastry. A thick glaze layer of 3 to 5 mm is applied. Work in wet condition is placed in a 150 degrees kiln. By means of quick drying the glaze is already crazing. Fire up to 950 to 1000 degrees, depending on the expected result. Then put it in sawdust, like with raku With this technique the crazing happens inside the kiln and not while taking it out at highest temperature. A rectangular result occurs when fired at 950 ºC The glaze will spread more roundly when fired at 1000 ºC.