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Burners, 3 metre hose, pressure control volve

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Burner set: burner, 3 metre hose, pressure control volve + pressure gauge, completely assembled.
Burner capacity: 15 Kw. This is enough capacity to get an kiln made of a complete 200 litre drum to 1000°C.
We have been working for decades with one type of burner with a capacity of 15 Kw.

This burner can sufficiently heat an kiln made out of a large oil drum + props with a 150 litre capacity.
Benefits of this burner are:
1. Compared to a burner used by roof tilers this burner does not make much noise. 
2. This burner can also heat an kiln with a content of only 20 litres. 

The ceramic burner head is sensitive to fracture! It will not break from heating, but from dropping it or bumping into it when it is hot. The burner head has got a screw-thread built in which makes it easy to replace. You can keep heating when you see a fracture on the burner head. Yet, stop heating when a part of the burner head falls of.