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Prop, 1pcs

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Prop, 1pcs Prop measurement 11,3cm x 5,5cm x 6,3cm, sawn out of insulating bricks. A raku-kiln needs 3 props. We saw the props from kiln brick JM26. These provide more stability compared to normal props.

Tip 1: You can easily saw kiln bricks for yourself by means of an old handsaw which has become too blunt to saw wood. Tip 2: We use the props in 4 ways when stoking raku: 1.1. As props 2.2. To create an expansion in height, which enables you to put in more work in the kiln. 3.3. We throw in a hot block when not enough mass ceramic is in the sawdust cask. 4.4. To avoid smoke nuisance. when your work is still on the ground awaiting its temperature shock, throw a hot prop, that comes straight out of the kiln, into the sawdust. The dry sawdust will now flame and not smoke.