Rakuvaria arrangement

Rakuvaria arrangement.

Make your own workshop program in your own planned time.
You stay in our new apartment above our house, right next to our pottery.
And you get to work with our “rakuvaria” techniques by your choice: raku, pit-fire, smoking techniques, naked raku, weel throwing etc. etc.


Ceramic materials are present.

During your stay you will get personal supervision.

You stay in a inspiring environment: we live in a country setting with a lot of nature, bike and hiking trails. Our apartment en pottery is sustainable build: timber frame with among others sedum roofs and solar panels.

The 85m2 new apartment has its own entrance, is fully furnishned, including a large bathroom with a bath, a complete kitchen including a microwave, freezer, to 5 sleeping places, television, WIFI and a 20m2 large balcony with a nice view. All the necessary textile is present.







Also a lot of space to get started with ceramics; the downstairs and upstairs of our company building has a surface of 400m2.

You get to choose:

  • When you want to come
  • What you want to do / learn

Costs apartment:

  • 1 person: €45 pppn
  • 2 and 3 persons: €35 pppn
  • 4 and 5 persons: €25 pppn

For 1 night: allowance for the cleaning and laundry costs €10 total.

Costs “rakuvaria” firing:

1 session ( = 4 hour ) “rakuvaria” firing*:

  • 1 person € 55 p.p.
  • 2 and 3 persons € 45 p.p.
  • 4 and 5 persons € 40 p.p.

• With 1 session you will get about 1 hour intensive supervision/explanation and 3 hours to get to work on your own.

• completely independently working also belongs to the possibilities, price and time in colsultation.
• Also non-ceramists are welcome and may feely whether or not participate in the ceramics activity.

Biscuit firing 3 euros per kilo. You can also bring already biscuit fired work.
“Rakuvaria” firing ( raku, pit-fire, naked raku, etc. etc. €4 per kilo.


  • Big supermarket: 1 km.
  • Center Sevenum: 2 km / center Horst: 4 km / Venlo: 12 km / Venray: 15 km / Eindhoven: 50 km / Nijmegen: 50 km / Dusseldorf: 75 km / Maastricht: 90 km / Maaseik: 55 km / Railway station
  • Horst-Sevenum on 500 m distance. ( in 1 hour en 58 minutes to Amsterdam Central.
  • Kantmuseum / Lace museum Horst: 4 km
  • Toverland Sevenum: 6 km
  • Museum “De Locht “ Melderslo: 7 km
  • Ceramics centre Tiendschuur Tegelen: 20 km
  • Botanic garden Jochumhof Steyl / Tegelen: 17 km
  • Missiemuseum / Missionary museum Steyl / Tegelen: 17 km
  • Thermaalbad Arcen / Thermal pools: 25 km
  • Limburgs Museum Venlo: 13 km
  • Klokkenmuseum Asten / Clocks museum: 32 km

Natural areas:

  • t Ham Horst: 2 km
  • Mariapeel Sevenum: 11 km
  • Groote peel Meijel: 30 km

Websites with information:


From our shop

Microwave kiln, small

Microwave kiln, small

Microwave kiln, small.

Raku Firing in a microwave oven!

The useful space in the kiln is Ø 7 cm and 4 cm high.

Since the ovens are commonly used in glass fusing, we've added something to the article, i.e. an extra sturdy base made of insulating brick.

The ovens are ideal for small jewelry making and for example to make glaze-samples: www.microwave-hotpot.com

Laser temperature meter up to 850 degrees Celcius

Laser temperature meter up to 850 degrees Celcius

Do you want to get a better grip on crackle formation when firing raku? Then this laser temperature meter is an ideal tool. 

You get a workpiece from the hot kiln. You measure the temperature with the laser meter and wait until the temperature has dropped to a certain value.
Now you place it in the sawdust and you are assured of crackles on the end result.

Also ideal with, for example, smoking techniques, such as burning in horse hair, etc.

A temperature schedule is provided with this article, with indications, at which temperatures crackle, burn-in possibilities, etc.

New kiln shelve 250x250x9mm

New kiln shelve 250x250x9mm

New kiln shelve 250x250x9mm
Sphinx Mulcorit max 1200 °C