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Workshop "pitfire and variants"

Workshop "Pitfire and variants" / Ed Knops

In connection with various other activiteits are there for the time being no workshops planned.
You can take an arrangement with us throughout the year, where you determine the program yourself.
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Last year, we experimented with many different variations on the technique pitfire.

You will get acquainted during this workshop with:

  • The technique "pitfire"

  • Several variants that we are going to apply, so that there will be created many different and surprising results



There will be the whole day firing pitfire in several large and small fires.
In between there is an opportunity to get acquainted with our new "Rakuvaria-extrem" clay: you will make something, that even after a few hours is baked in raku kilns or fire.
This workshop is especially interesting for those who like to experiment, because the possibilities are endless...
More information on the basic technique pitfire can be found in our book Rakuvaria2, chapter 27.

Information regarding the above workshops:

You come with biscuit fired work to us..
Every different technique will be thoroughly explained and you will be able to put these in practise afterwards.
Learning of the pitfire technique is most important on a workshop day and not the firing of as many works as possible

Costs for 1 day € 110,-- incl. lunch, incl. VAT. 

Max. 15 persons.

Work pieces:

You can bring work up to a maximum of 5 for this day.
With a maximum of 10 x 10 cm and with a maximum height of 20 cm.

  • You can also choose to test a technique on 1 of our vases for an expense of € 3,--
  • Clay with a lot of grog that's white baking has more options
  • We recommend polished work especially for  pitfire. ( but is not necessary )
  • You will have less chance of fraction when using clay with a lot of grog ( 40% ), coarse grog grains ( 1 to 2 mm ), biscuit bakes 900°C, regular wall thickness

Applying by email is prefered: ed@knopsclay.com

We require a deposit of € 25,-- a day, the remaining amount you can pay us during the workshop. Upon cancellation, the deposit is considered cost for reservation.

We also have an apartment available for overnight accommodation. 

From our shop

Microwave kiln, small

Microwave kiln, small

Microwave kiln, small.

Raku Firing in a microwave oven!

The useful space in the kiln is Ø 7 cm and 4 cm high.

Since the ovens are commonly used in glass fusing, we've added something to the article, i.e. an extra sturdy base made of insulating brick.

The ovens are ideal for small jewelry making and for example to make glaze-samples: www.microwave-hotpot.com

New kiln shelve 250x250x9mm

New kiln shelve 250x250x9mm

New kiln shelve 250x250x9mm
Sphinx Mulcorit max 1200 °C