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Workshop "Smoke techniques" / Ed Knops

Workshop “Smoke techniques”/ Ed Knops

In connection with various other activiteits are there for the time being no workshops planned.
You can take an arrangement with us throughout the year, where you determine the program yourself.
For more information, click here. 

During this workshop we will apply 4 different smoking techniques:

  1. “Clay on clay" smoke technique ( book Rakuvaria 3, chapter 1 and 2 ) 
  2. Smoke technique using flour ( book Rakuvaria 3, chapter 4 )
  3. Smoke technique using horse hair, leaves, sawdust etc. ( book Rakuvaria 2, chapter 23 )
  4. Plants prints smoke technique ( a new technique! ) 



There will be worked all day with the above techniques and we simultaneously burn in 4 raku gas kilns.
In between there is an opportunity to get acquainted with our new "Rakuvaria Extrem" clay; you make something that is already baked in a raku oven within a few hours.

Info about the above workshop:

You come to us with biscuit-baked work
The techniques are explained in detail, after which you can apply it.
Learning the different smoking techniques is the most important on this day and not the burning of as much work as possible.

Work pieces:

You can take max. 5 pieces of work on this day, max. dimensions: 10 x 10 cm and max. 20 cm high.

  • You can also choose to test a technique on 1 of our vases for an expense of € 4,--
  • Clay with a lot of grog that's white baking has more options
  • For smoke techniques we recommend polished work and smoothly finished work pieces, because it usually brings better results ( is not essential )
  • You will have less chance of fraction when using clay with a lot of grog ( at least 40% ), coarse grog grains ( 1 to 2 mm ), biscuit bakes 900°C, regular wall thickness

Costs for this day € 110, - incl. Lunch, incl. VAT.
We require a deposit of € 25,-- a day, the remaining amount you can pay us during the workshop. Upon cancellation, the deposit is considered cost for reservation.

Applying by email is prefered: ed@knopsclay.com

From our shop

Laser temperature meter up to 850 degrees Celcius

Laser temperature meter up to 850 degrees Celcius

Do you want to get a better grip on crackle formation when firing raku? Then this laser temperature meter is an ideal tool. 

You get a workpiece from the hot kiln. You measure the temperature with the laser meter and wait until the temperature has dropped to a certain value.
Now you place it in the sawdust and you are assured of crackles on the end result.

Also ideal with, for example, smoking techniques, such as burning in horse hair, etc.

A temperature schedule is provided with this article, with indications, at which temperatures crackle, burn-in possibilities, etc.